My name is Yary Nin. I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on January 5th 1983. My parents Luis Nin and Xiomara Nin. At 12 years of age I obtained my first employment opportunity. This opportunity was at an Elementary school. There I assisted teachers with the students and any others task that I was assigned. This was also the place that where I sensed the first steps of responsibility.

In 2004, I become pregnant with a baby girl. On January 15 2005, I give birth to a beautiful baby doll; Stacy.
As a single mother, I want to succeed in life. I want to be a role model for my daughter Stacy. Every night, I pray with my daughter, so I can have the illumination and find the right path to have peace to concentrate in my goals.Success the most important matter.

In addition, the people that I have a great influence in my life are my family and my friend Jessica. My parents have been very supportive in my life changing decisions and are always there when I need them the most. My brother Ariel, may He rest in peace, I know he is very proud and would have tapped me in the shoulder with a congratulations. My brother Luis is also very supportive and willing to lend a helping hand. My friend Jessica whom is always busy yet is always to take time out of her schedule to offer her support, pushes me to meet my goals…Finally, I always thank God for the blessing he has given me, (Stacy my daughter), without God nothing is possible. My educational experiences and work related experiences in some shape or form have had a great influence in my life. They have helped build up.